Front Office

ERP Software

Save yourself some time and money by tapping into our expertise in deploying, customizing, and training employees on ERP systems. We specialize in connecting ERP with other systems such as CAD BOM's, PLM data and project tracking information. We handle systems including E2, Visual ERP, MAS 90 / Sage, and SAP.

Website Design

Contact us for a simple, professional website at an affordable price. We can work with existing sites, including those developed in Wordpress, PHP and other systems. Our expertise is developing sites which require unique and specialty features such as 3D graphics, games, and product configuration.

Microsoft Excel

You can save time and headaches by automating your accounting, inventory, employee, project management, engineering, and other data. We can help you find the right formula, develop a macro, or consult on moving from Excel to cloud based tracking systems.

Digital Marketing

Having a proper online presence has become an important part of every company's brand and marketing. By implementing a few simple search engine optimization (SEO) or social media strategies you can bring new customers to your door and boost your public image. All this can be done at a reasonable price that makes sense for your business.